September 20, 2017 | San Francisco | Hyatt Regency


Matt started his career out of college working for NorTel Networks selling premise based phone systems to large enterprises throughout Northern California. In 2000, he went into the dotcom world and gained experience with storage and database technologies. Seeing an opportunity when the dotcom bubble burst, Matt and some colleagues started Vulture Capitalism to buy and sell distressed assets. This afforded him the opportunity in 2002 to buy Packet Fusion which was predominantly a NorTel reseller. Seeing a shift in the industry, Matt quickly turned his new company to the Unified Communications space with ShoreTel as the lead product. Over the years Packet Fusion has become the largest independent ShoreTel VAR on the planet. With the ever changing landscape of technology, Matt has successfully guided Packet Fusion to the next transformation: UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service - cloud) and Contact Center. This is being done by growing relationships throughout the Unified Communications space specifically with 8x8 and Genesys (Interactive Intelligence/i3) in addition to their strong relationship with ShoreTel.